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Cleans Toilet and Cistern Both at a time

Have you ever looked inside your cistern? Our cistern is one of the most dirtest place in the toilet so we couldn't neglect it.


We have spent hundreds of hours to make one of the most beautiful scent in the fragrance industry. We have five different types of prestigious scent.

Lasts more than any product on the market.

Our smartloo last 6 times longer than the current major brands from market shelves.

Do other products clean the entire toilet bowl and under the rims?

Coverage of Smartloo vs Non-Smartloo products

Yes, Smartloo does. 

Smartloo reaches the whole area of the toilet bowl with its cleaning agent, while the conventional ones clean the toilet bowl partially.

Do they last longer than 2 years unless flushed over 2000 times?

Device mechanism of Smartloo vs Non-Smartloo products.
Yes, Smartloo does.
Smartloo has 400ml of the big cleaning liquid container.  It releases the cleaning liquid by a certain dose only when it needs in the cistern by the way of full flush or half flush.          
The above video shows the liquid releasing mechanism. The first step, The ball falls down when the water level decreases, loads the chemical in the tube and goes up when the water level increase. The second step,  The ball meets at the point where gaps are formed and will release the chemicals during the process and The Third step, chemicals are mixed in the cistern and last longer due to usage of only when it’s needed. Whereas, the conventional ones are melting continuously in the cistern.

Do they refill and reuse to reduce plastic waste?

The Sustainable practice of Smartloo and Non-Smartloo Products.
Yes, Smartloo does.
Refills are made following sustainable practice and to reduce low environmental pollution also, Users can try out new fragrances according to season. 
The more you replace the product, the more waste you are making. When we heard the news “14 billion pounds (6B Kg.) of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year and Most of it is plastic.” We instantly initiated the plan for long-lasting life of the product.

Do they reduce water usage by huge amounts yearly?

Save tons of water, 4,000.00 litres to be exact.
Yes, Smartloo does.
Putting Brick in the cistern to save water has been very popular but not anymore. In an average family of four, you will save roughly 3,500.00 litres of water per year by using smartloo.

Setting up in our Local Parks.

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Cleaning solution can reach everywhere!

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